Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Slacking on the blog, but not the ponies!

Yes, I'm still going strong buying ponies! YAY!

Quite frankly, I'm not even sure how many I've purchased @ this point, but I just keep going & going & going more until my December deadline hits.

It's crazy to realize that I had this lil dream a few months ago & now I'm actually going to make it happen which is very very exciting.

I've also become a member of a MLP Forum & they alwayz post up lil codes for the Hasbro Toy Shop that allow ya to get discounts - I find myself buying the max I can when I see those sales in an effort to score even more ponies for all the kids that will get 'em this Christmas.

Oh & I've turned more people onto ponies too which deserves another YAY!

I was telling our company's accountant about it & he asked if I could get his granddaughters a pony each - yup! I did & they LOVED them. They're apparently going to start watching Friendship is Magic, so it's win/win...more ponies for kids.

Well, that's about it for now. I suppose I'll update this weekend w/photos of all the new ponies I've purchased & show you guys my progress.

Maybe I'll finally count & see how far away I am to the 200.

Although the bad thing? It's made my own collection of ponies start growing. I generally only collect the 80's vintage ponies, but now I find myself looking forward to the newest generation as well. I ordered a set of 12 from my beloved toy store, "Big Bad Toy Store" & figure the "extras" will go to the charity too.

I'm seriously wondering how many I've gotten, but I suppose I will soon find out.

I just ordered 20 from a great sale on Hasbro's Toy Shop...I need to stop, but I can't! AHHH! It's too cool to know so many kids will be soooooo happy this season w/their cute lil ponies :)

- Lizzie

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

...& more!

Yes, I'm still going w/the MLP charity adventure. I ran into a bit of a snag last week & only scored 6 ponies, but I'm hopeful w/the new generations coming out I'll have more than 10 to make up for it this week.

We're going to NYC! YAY! I'm also a collector of the horror dolls, Living Dead Dolls, & they are having their 13th anniversary party in NYC...attending! *dances* My husband & I are making a huge weekend outta it w/lotsa stuff planned. I'm a huge fan of Madame Alexander, so we're attempting to get into the club's Fall Friendship Luncheon as well. SO MANY DOLLS, SO LIL TIME! ;)

The only thing that could make our trip better would be MLP...guess what? We are attending the NYC Comic Con & guess who will also be there? HASBRO!

So my 3 loves wrapped up into 1 trip....CAN-NOT-WAIT! :D

I will try to update the blog more often, but yes...still going strong! Tons of ponies awaiting lil children to love them so :D

Monday, August 29, 2011

20...only 180 to go! *deep breath*

My biggest concern from day 1 was the availability of this many ponies in the local stores.

Waltzing into Target on Friday had  me a wee-bit nervous since I had completely wiped out their shelves last week...did they restock? Would there even BE any ponies?! WHAT IF I FAIL?! *yanks hair* *screams*

But alas, my paranoia was unjustified & there were 11 new ponies...10 of them came home w/me.

(I wiped 'em out again...only 1 pony left! Yay for the charity idea, boo for other people wanting these ponies!)

A bit of an interesting note, for G4 pony collectors, they had several Cheerilee & Lily Blossom ponies. If you've been after 'em, check out Target - they obviously have 'em in stock.

Oh & random, but I was asked why I continue to buy the ponies @ Target...very simple! Target has a debit card that takes $$$ right outta my checking account & also discounts 5% off my total purchase. Without the card, I would spend around $55 for 10 ponies. However, the card gets 'em for a lil over $51. It may not seem like that much in savings for 1 set, factor in I am attempting 200...that lil bit of savings is gonna add up quick & maybe I can even get an extra couple w/the savings. It's win/win.

Thank you so much to everyone that has emailed/FB'd about this whole thing. It's really encouraging to have everyone supporting me & it's going to be a wonderful wonderful time giving all of these things away in the holiday months...must keep going.

Here's the latest photo of the bin'd 20 ponies -

Monday, August 22, 2011

The first 10!

Stomping down the aisle of ponies @ Target, I suddenly felt fear, "What if I can't get 200 ponies?! Am I setting myself up for disappointment?!"

I don't think I really did the math on how many ponies I'll need to buy between now & then, but oh well..200 is the goal, so hopefully we'll get there by December. *gulp*

Regardless, I purchased the first 10 ponies & couldn't be more excited, as well as hopeful, that this goal will become a reality. We bought a storage bin @ Big Lots (cause we're classy like that!), so I'm going to store as many as I can in this then purchase another later for more. I may have to discuss storage options w/my father, cause I know he has an empty bedroom in his house that we may need to take over w/these ponies...he can't say no to the sweet lil children.

As I said...our first 10!

Wish me luck!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

200 ponies by Christmas...oh my word!

So my husband, Brady, & I were walking down the aisles of Target looking for the brand new My Little Pony sets. He spots the set I'm after first, so as I'm doing a "YAY" dance holding my new ponies, he jokes, "Do you realize how happy our kid will be someday? Surrounded in all of these toys!"

It hit me @ that moment that we were blessed to be able to afford these ponies, so how selfish was I making sure only I was able to celebrate in the "pony love"? What about all the kids out there that couldn't get the ponies, cause they're sick & in the hospital? What about the kids whose parents simply could NOT afford them?

I set a goal @ that moment. I will (hopefully) be able to buy 200 My Little Ponies by Christmas time. Figuring the sets must be delivered to the various outlets I wanna drop them like St. Jude's Children Hospital here in the area, as well as donating to the amazing people @ "Angel Tree" which can be found in the local malls. Donating 100 ponies to each of these amazing charities will guarantee that @ least 200 different kids will get to share in the happiness that a person gets when they see those adorable lil ponies in their hands.

I'm figuring we must buy around 10 ponies a week. I can generally handle that during the summer months (I work in air Texas. Yup. Summer months are good to me!), but winter months may set me back a bit, but 200 is the goal & I will make this happen no matter what!